Without getting into specifics of a promotion or an advertising campaign or a sales tactic, business owners can agree that an increase in traffic and sales, is the desired effect. That is the instant gratification, but really it is important to consider the long-term gratification because that is what will not only separate you from the competition and give you a niche, but it will help your business endure lean economic times.

So much more is involved in measuring effectiveness. Consider for a moment the reputation of a company. Building trust creates word of mouth advertising. This is the least expensive and most impressive perpetual reinforcement for your business.

Great advertising, offers and strategic marketing will not guarantee an increase in sales. The missing link - the clincher - is the liaison between the advertising and marketing and the product or service your business provides. That liaison would be your employees, your answering machine, your voice mail, the people who answer business telephones, whether or not your website is current and helpful, replies to inquiries, knowledge of staff to answer customer questions, delivery of product or service, attitude, environment a customer will experience, the length of time the customer must spend in completing the sale, the money they must spend, and the trust that they feel when dealing with your business, especially with customer service issues.

With this thought in mind, a person must consider the whole package - everything that comes into play in completing a sale... not to mention AFTER the sale - the customer service that is provided and extra services in maintaining a healthy relationship that means repeat business and the all-important word of mouth advertising.

Marketing is how you "connect" the customer with your product and service. Advertising is one way to connect with customers.

Your business advertising and marketing starts the process of a sale possibly happening. To understand and measure effectiveness of your efforts in this area, it is a team effort that you are considering. The ultimate measuring stick is an increase in revenue. This is an indicator that your business is operating in a positive way. Trackable advertising can be measured, but that is such a small part of the whole concept. As a business owner you are the coach and your team must have a passion to succeed, you must have goals and you must move forward to win. Customers are like fans and they love you or hate you depending on if you are a winner or not.

Your product or service can be acquired at any comparable business to yours. You want to give customers a reason to choose your business. The customer probably will not even remember WHAT advertising they saw or WHY they called you, initially. When a customer chooses to ask about your products and services, it is a start, but when they choose to do business with your company, your business needs to be proactive and care about that customer. The extra effort, showing that you care, is what sets you apart.

When a customer chooses to recommend your business to his neighbors, he is putting his credibility on the line because he trusts you. You have earned his trust. Therein lies responsibility as a business owner to make sure that you encourage feedback so there is accountability


should that trust be shaken in any way. Compensate customers for bad experiences and put the expense in the advertising budget. That IS what it will be if you don't - bad advertising and that will be free.

Measure your advertising and marketing to be sure you don't waste money. Measure your company's effectiveness by the amount of thank-you notes you get, the number of years you have had a relationship with a customer, the neighbors and relatives he brings in, and the smile on your customer's face. It is not the tactic that entices a customer in to your business that builds a quality relationship. Totally free, and most effective, is simply caring to do what is expected and then a whole lot more as normal business procedure. People will notice that and remember it.

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