If you analyze what you spend on media, you may be disappointed in results.

If you don't analyze what you spend on media, you could be spending too much money and not know it.

Either way, when considering results, you may be wishing you could achieve more with those hard-earned dollars that you are spending on media.

MediaTek Grafx can help you analyze your media buying habits, costs and placement. MediaTek Grafx can buy media less expensively and bills go directly to your company. No middle man.

When you buy media, do you get affidavits and do you check them?
MediaTek Grafx prepares media planners for each vendor and that in turn is used for traffic/flights - and later is used to cross-check your affidavits for accuracy.

Do you know how to target your prospective customers and ensure that you are using the right media, to connect with them? Surveys help you establish the proper media at the proper time for each demographic. MediaTek Grafx can help you connect your product and service to the right customers!

Does your company use every form of media to complement each other and your company? On your print ad, do you mention your web site address? On your TV commercial do you mention the current print ad offer that is running - are your campaigns really synchronized?

Do your employees know what offers are running in all media?


Achieve more sales and awareness by being consistent, frequent and strategic about your media buying. You want a consistent message across the board and consistent placement for easy location by consumers. Follow up on media buys and integrate the awareness for those offers in your on-hold telephone messages and more!

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